Monday, 5 May 2014

Europe and the world Joins Nigeria to save the abducted girls,( I hope the President is not Dancing in a Party)

Europe Joins Nigeria 
Nigeria has become popular on the world Map mostly for the wrong reason, The ageless corruption left unattended has given birth to nameless acts of wickedness and rottenness, The leadership of Nigeria turned deaf ears to the crippling cankerworms and have became more brazen in thievery until injustices were all the more committed by officers of the Law. 

The Police have been Notorious, The Military weak and incapable, the citizens are hungry and can hardly think of tangible change, most of whom are conquered by fears as  the drama continues, for about 15 Years, terrorist group known as Boko Haram emerged, more fiercely and daring than the corrupt government and succeeding in crippling the government and unwilling to listen to the voice of reason. Even the seat of Power in Abuja is under severe threats and yet the government thinks corruption is not the cause.

 Over 200 girls were recently abducted to an unknown location, most of whom are Christian youths and for Three weeks upward the Clueless Nigerian President jollies on surrounded by protecting tanks of evil men without conscience  

Even the European  group have added their voice to the cries of the mothers whose kids are missing at an examination center in war torn Borno. The President of Nigeria is known to be in deep sleep clueless and un-discerning on what to do