Monday, 21 April 2014

Sharing of money in Kano after President Jonathan's visit

Do you remember how Jonathan was caught dancing a day after the horrendous Tragedy that claimed about 80 Lives in Abuja   The problem regarding Nigeria originates with corruption. Nigeria's infrastructure is broken, poverty is endemic and the masses are on the verge of breaking point. Religion has been hijacked by both desperate men for personal agenda. Apparently, 

Jonathan’s campaign crooks have planned a program in Kano where millions of taxpayers’
money would be be spent to pay their rented crowd who were caught on camera fighting over their own share of the money, paid  to buy the conscience of the greedy, These paid crowd were the same referred to as Jubilant crowd by the conscienceless Abati in his tweets to cover up the mess in Jonathan’s administration and placate their failed attempts to deceive the masses The folly of Jonathan’s government is humongous that one wonders why Nigerians have not moved to take over the government from the gangs of wicked ruler. His facebook page also carries an Easter message which has nothing to do with the Nigerian development.   See how desperate Jonathan induces poor Nigerians to steal their conscience and get votes for his 2015 ambition

Nigerians are not angry enough