Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stella Oduah and others resigns or sacked

Stella Oduah
Jonathan's Favorite, protected though Indicted minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah and minister of Niger Delta Affairs, minister of Police Affairs and minister of state Finance have resigned, Fighting corruption is prosecuting govt officials that are engaged in corrupt practices. Sacking them and doing nothing is simply saying go and enjoy your loot nothing do you. Jonathan has not demonstrated the tendencies and willingness of fighting corruption. For example, he cannot still be keeping Petroleum Minister in his cabinet.

I think this is the clear message that Mr President is passing across to Nigerians. There is no way Mr Jonathan will ever have zeal and determination to deal with those corrupt individuals in his cabinet let alone those outside his cabinet. Our country is in great danger under Jonathan's administration. Jonathan seemed to have realized that the mess in his administration has hit the ceiling and he has now been forced to get rid of some corrupt ministers and staff, (Though he is himself as they are) Judging from all medium . Yet, he needs to clean the oil sector , the minister has to go ; she has much controversy trailing her and subsidy has brought to light the activities of her cronies that have shot to billion status overnight and competing with each other each other on who has more private jets. a country that does not have a national airline yet subsidy contractors have 1 2 private jets due to the fact that were able to cheat the citizens of Nigeria out of their monies cause they have no one to speak for them.