Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"Sanusi still CBN governor" says Jonathan (Confused Nigerian clown)

Goodluck Jonathan
This is what you get when you voted for clown to preside over the affairs of state
Only his Thugs believe anything from this Nigerian most currupt president. Any right thinking human would wonder about the rush to suspension of Sanusi no sooner than the central banker exposed the rot at NNPC and the missing $20 Billion dollars.
This president sees the need to eliminate the whistle blower on corruption within 48 hours of a bogus government sponsored report of lies, prepared by thieves for their commander in thief, yet the same president took over 8 months to sack a confirmed thief Stella Oduah, this same president chose to ignore several reports, including Nuhu Ribadu's report that has been collecting dust under his bed, yet jumped on a bogus report and suspended the whistle blower that is exposing his looting cabal even before the case went to court, what a nuisance with presidential powers.

Where is Nigerians $20 Billion dollars Mr President?
The only action of the presidency, which ridiculed or messed up every alibi that Mr President may want to put forward to convince Nigerians that he actually acted in good faith by suspending Sanusi, was that of the thoughtless hurriness associated with the suspension. Mr Jonathan should have exercised some patience by applying wisdom in allowing the allegations which Sanusi raised against NNPC to die down a bit before hurriedly jumping into conclusion to suspend Sanusi.

Hence, there are no amount of excuses which Mr President could give that will ever convince deep-thinking and wise Nigerians that Mr President was really sincere and straightforward in all his defence statements here. A Yoruba adage says "Aje ke lana, omo ku loni. Ta ni o mo pe aje to ku lana lo pomo je?". Meaning: "A witch threatened yesterday, and a child drops dead today. Who will then doubts it is truly the threat of the witch that killed the child?"

Infact, alternatively, if Mr Jonathan is sagacious enough, he could just have exercised some discretion by waiting till after Sanusi completes his tenure by June this year. The presidency can then present those allegations, which the presidency itself ought to have presented long before Sanusi blew the whistle, so that Nigerians will see the sincere justification for every disciplinary action against Sanusi, rather than making Nigerians viewing this present action of the presidency as an act of mere political vendetta.

Even if the presidency wants to punish Sanusi "merely" over his whistle-blowing, wisdom demands that the presidency shouldn't have been in such a hurry to suspend him immediately after his whistle-blow.