Sunday, 16 February 2014

Orji's Son's Aide Killed By Policeman

Abia has really gone to the dogs, Nigerian police who are supposed to protect citizens now work for governor for greed against Nigerians and the docile Nigerians are still waiting for messianic deliverance from all her political oppressors who for years have kept the Nation in a state of perpetual poverty and ruin

Recent reports from Abia says, Son to Governor T.A Orji of Abia State, Chinedu Orji aka “IKUKU” yesterday displayed another level of his usual unruly and criminal behavior at the Okpara square, Umauhia, venue of the official declaration of his father’s senatorial ambition ahead of the 2015 general elections.  The Governor’s son, Chinedu directed his orderly to shoot an unnamed aide over a minor misunderstanding. “IKUKU”, the self-acclaimed Governor of the state, who was angered by the utterance of his late PA over a minor issue, directed his police orderly to shoot the late aide. All efforts to save the victim did not yield any result as he lost blood profusely. The ugly development did not allow the event hold as planned as people took to their heels leaving the place deserted.

 An eye witness at the venue who spoke under anonymity stated that he was shocked when the Governor’s son, Chinedu directed his orderly to shoot the late aide over a minor misunderstanding. He decried the humiliation Abians have been subjected to, by the actions of the Governor’s son, since his father took over the mantle of leadership. He called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate the unlawful and unprofessional behaviour of the Governor’s son and his orderly respectively