Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jonathan jostles for free honor by hungry sycophants and praise singers

Jonathan and .....
 President of Nigeria is so desperate and he has suddenly become father charismas, he has been gallivanting recently and taking all sorts of (Cheap) titles from sycophants who are  smiling home with huge sum for giving him any recognition. Apart from the mockery of the movie so called Nollywood who recently posed with him without touching on the myriad of problems bedevilling the Nation

First it was AGN, then Nigeria Supporters Club and now the Historical Society of Nigeria, all in one week. He was made the Grand Patron of the Historical Society of Nigeria in Abuja. Yesterday
Boko Haram killed some northern  Nigerians, He does not care, Girls are kidnapped, he is not moved, there is scarcity and hunger on the streets , he does not give a damn
What a President !