Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Funny Fire Prayers before February 14th

Feb 14 is a day for prayers against every strange girl in the life or around our husband's, fiance's life. 

1) Anybody trying to hug my husband, bf or fiance seductively, catch fire. 
2) Anyone planning to sit on his laps, be unseated by fire. 
3) Any person, spirit or power that wants to collect money or expensive gifts from him, somersault and die.

4) Any strange woman that wants to put asunder what God has joined together, be shattered by fire..
5) Anyone sending romantic msg to my partner, be struck with rheumatism.
6) Evil kisses waiting for my partner be consumed by fire.
7) You strange woman/man, that wants to camp my partner all day, be encamped by fire Anyone, planning a 'quickie' with my husband in the office on the 14th, be electrocuted.

Sisters Open ur mouth and P r a a a a a a a ay. !!!!!!!!

Culled from Facebook