Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fanatical Osun State Governor succeeds in dividing Baptist state high school with religion

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 The evil plan of a fanatical governor Aregbesola ripened at The Baptist High School, Iwo, Osun State when the ever ready religious demon causing division in some parts of Nigeria played out as some pupils shunned their uniforms and wore choir gowns, white garments, Islamic apparel   and other unconventional dresses to the school, according to Source no group or individual could be identified as the mastermind of the bizarre dress code by the pupils, there were, however, conflicting reasons for the behaviour.

Rauf Aregbesola 

While some people said the unconventional dresses were a way of registering dislike for the same uniform introduced by the government for all schools in the state,  others said some Christians who were opposed to wearing of hijab in schools founded by Christian missionaries orchestrated the drama.

The suit instituted on the issue of hijab wearing to school is still pending before an Osun State High Court.
But Tuesday confusion reportedly became more pronounced at the assembly ground as the pupils could not listen to their teachers because they were busy lining up themselves along religious lines.
A female pupil, who was dressed in a purple gown usually worn by the choir in the Baptist church, was said to have led Christian students in gospel praises, while her Muslim counterpart dressed in hijab was seen hollering “Allau Akbar” and singing praises to Allah from the same platform simultaneously.
It was learnt that although many other pupils appeared in the government-approved uniform, a few ones who are neither Christians nor Muslims wore clothes with the insignia of their religious beliefs,  making the atmosphere in the school chaotic.
The confusion was said to have continued in the classrooms as pupils sang discordant tunes. The confusion, it was gathered, started on Monday and continued on Tuesday morning.
The teachers were said to be helpless in controlling the pupils due to the sensitivity of the issue.

That is what to expect when an intolerant governor rides on the ship of state, Aregbesola had earlier against norm imposed a Muslim dress code on a school which was founded by Christian missionary according to history to give credence to his desire of immersing the school or rather reclaiming it for his own Religion which he seemed to have vowed allegiance to