Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dbanj rocking the boat with the corrupt, a cynosure of deceit launching

 Nigerians have been celebrating mediocrity for some time, Fame has become the charm of the young generation even when there is no substance to it, and the poor are at the receiving end, the rich keeps getting richer while the poor keeps getting poorer.  When musician can no longer rebuke corruption in their songs, they will sure form an alliance with the corrupt and call it fame.  

This is the case of Dapo Oyebanji popularly called Dbanj, who grovels around President Goodluck Jonathan who is renowned for corruption above his peers, a  government that budgeted 34 million naira to feed two animals in a year while over 70% of it's population (human beings) are unable to feed on a dollar daily. Musical legend Fela was practically murdered owing to his resistance of oppression, and several others

A corrupt government that keeps an indicted certificate forger as Minister of aviation and an incorrigible Dieziani Alission madueke, with these crop of youths, Nigeria will sure remain as it is
The poverty index in our rural areas especially in most of the states is so alarming,The human poverty mentality in Nigeria has made 75% of Nigerians to think like animals. They no longer know their rights and will always wait for Human rights activists to always fight for them.
Nothing will come out of this deceitful Goodluck Jonathan  because it is aimed at deceiving gullible Nigerians with great hope and sympathy in GEJ led corrupt government.