Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beware of Nigerian Planned scam, Blogger’s account

"Today at about 8.59am on the 5th of February, I got a strange call from an unknown number saying please call me back I have an urgent information for you. I was at first reluctant, but then I remembered that I have applied for numerous vacancies and they could be the one's calling me, so I called the number back.  The voice behind the phone was like, "Good day my dear, it has been long. Out of sight does not mean out of mind o", so in order not to offend anyone I was quite civil in my response to him, and he was like "We have met before and you dropped your contact details saying that if anything comes up, he should call me." So I believed that maybe it was one of those people I met during my job hunting walks.  At first,

 I really believed all he had to say, he said his name was Engr, Nwachukwu Bernard (08184743928), (Trust a young Nigerian girl to use google sharp sharp, and a person like that truly existed). He then said, Are you currently n Asokoro?, (That means it was no coincidence, the person has been privileged to view my CV, for him to know such sensitive information about me, so we need to be careful of the sites we drop our resumes on my fellow job seekers). He said I should please help him carry out a supplying job, that please he is currently in Jos, and the person needed these Engineering materials named BALL RANGERS WHWNR-AMP (he said they are simply ball presser's). He further said all I am to do is, go and meet them in Sheraton and they will follow me to my bank pay in the money needed for the products, and I will go to gwagalada to purchase these goods from Dantata and Sawoe company. That the original price of the product is N210,000 but I will tell the customers N280,000 for the product. I am to go to Dantata and Sawoe, and when I get there I should ask for the materials, he then gave me a man I could call for information. That the store managers name is Pastor James Oga(08161888747), and I should call him tell him I need 40 cartoons of the materials and he should package them for me. God, I am even tired of writing. Then of cause the number went through and of course, the pastor (whom they said attends Redeemed) had those materials, he had 684 cartoons of the materials sef. Then I was to call the customer in Sheraton, her name was Hon. Dr. Grace Akpabio, the wife of gov of Akwa ibom state. Kai, my body start to sweet me. I went on my knees to thank God, I said he has answered my prayers, that's this line of business is good o. I had even pictured my tithe to the house of God. It was when I called the Akpabio woman I started to suspect foul play. She said she was pregnant (Ha!! a woman that is in her 40's?), she does not know if I am for real, blah blah. Then na here yawah gass.
She now said she wanted to see at least 3 samples, so that the white workers will scan my product so that they will know I am a good and legal Abuja supplier of the products. She then rained praises on me. *sigh* I now called the Nwachukwu guy that she needs a sample, He then said that well I could go to Dantata & Sawoe, and deposit money so I can get the samples to show her. As an Edo babe, I said Oga shake me, shake me, Money no go drop. All my disposable income is tied down, I hav einvested all my money, so I don't have 210,000 naira to use and buy one cartoon of the product, talk less of 2 cartoons. He now said even if I have 10,000 naira, that please I should use it. That money is not the matter for him, butt where he is, he cannot access money and any banking institution. Let me not lie, I wanted to go and deposit the money, I now said wait o, let me call somebody and tell them. I now called my Pastor in the Lord, I told him all that was going on, he then raised an alarm that I should not try it, that those people are fraudulent and they recently duped a man in Benin of 100,000 naira. That they will start small small, then they will start calling big numbers for me. That they have been duping people in Benin.  Kai Stella, I felt foolish. Sorry this mail is so long but I felt that I needed to share this story, so that other people out there, working hard for their money will not have to part ways with it, to greedy and evil people. I thank God that I was not a victim, that will now have to start crying to numerous ills done by this people."