Monday, 10 February 2014

2015, For the final fall of Nigeria’s corrupt party PDP

Pius Adesanmi
In other news, I just heard with one ear that the Enikan Ti Nje Awade of Lagos and surrounding territories, Jagaban Asiwaju, has described our common enemy, the PDP, as a "Pharaoh-Like Organization from which God has liberated Nigerians". Although we have not yet been liberated from the PDP incubus, let me say prestissimo (apologies to OgbeniPatrick Obahiagbon) that any and every criticism of the PDP is welcome. 

To overcome the PDP in 2015 is a task that must be done. Let's be clear about that. However, we must be careful with our analogies. Even if we did not read the Holy Bible, we watched The Ten Commandments. And nobody can forget that memorable shot in the movie at the parting of the Red Sea by Moses. Once they were on the other side, we know what happened to the forces of Pharaoh who tried to port after them. They all perished in the sea, much to the pleasure of Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites. I don't recall seeing a single Israelite wishing that any plague-ridden Egyptian would have successfully ported with them to the other side of the sea. I don't recall Moses, Aaron, and the political leaders of Israel saying "in my fathers house there are many mansions there" to any porting Egyptians. When we are embracing porting pestilential Pharaohs left right and centre, displacing authentic Israelites who made bricks without straw - a la Belgore in Kwara -in order to impose porting Egyptian Pharaohs and forces of Pharaoh - a la Saraki - we want to make sure that we do not import vocabulary, imagery, and analogies from that segment of Jewish history, lest the enemy laughs at us for being blind to contradiction.