Friday, 31 January 2014

The Gangsters still speaks for Nigeria. Et-u Atiku?

"Believe me if there was that electoral alliance, there would be no PDP today forming government because Buhari would have brought the votes from the North West to add to the votes from the South West.
So, when I visited Buhari last week, I went through all these with him and I asked him if he agreed with me that we would all lose if he didn’t and he said ‘yes, now I agree.’ I said you did it in 2007, you failed; in 2011, you did it again you failed, I failed, everybody failed.
I asked if he agreed that if we all come together it would be better he said he agreed. So, APC is a completely new experiment, just like when PDP was formed, it was thought to be unthinkable because we came from the SDP and some from the NRC – right of left and left of right.

APC has the chance of succeeding if well managed and I concede to you that really, politicians have lost a lot of credibility in the last year or two.
So, really, there is need for politicians to re-invent themselves so that the credibility they have lost, can be regained.

Last night I told Asiwaju and we agreed that General Buhari is now becoming a politician unlike before. Now, Asiwaju said he is more democratized and now, you can sit down and he is not rigid like before. There is hope for this country".~Atiku Abubakar, Former vice-president