Saturday, 25 January 2014

SSS acting on the orders of Jonathan to intimidate, choosing his fight against 2015

Call them any name, SSS, Police, Soldiers, Navy, Air force etcetera, it is just a Lie, They work for the President, Yes. They can be used as tools, to intimidate, to harass and to carry out all the wills of the president, They are themselves Lawbreakers who have no respect for the man on the street because they are garbed in government attires, Poverty drove several to the duties and the fact that they are shielded once they are in that Uniform amongst their lawless rogues colleagues. They abuse the rights of citizens when on uniform, beating a common man on the street and are watched by a gathering crowd who would dare not interfere.
They are paid to protect the President and are happy that millions others who are not connected to them by birth suffers the misrule of a sect of criminals in power. They are posted away from their own parents so their crimes will not be cautioned by culture, whereas other colleagues of their harass their families in another state or they even dare to revenge when it is not from “the powers that be”

They have been used to quell the protest of Nigerians, what the government do is to jack up their salaries and they are ready to shoot at sight. These have not learned the rights of citizens to say NO . as is done in Ukraine, as was done in Libya, as is being done in Egypt
They are the people that must be fought to set Nigeria free, because they protect the corrupt and act on orders from the few oppressors who kept millions in poverty
Punch publication reveals that Jonathan uses SSS at will  “The Presidency may have put on hold its earlier directive to  the State Security Service  to investigate the weighty allegations contained in the controversial letter  written by  former  president Olusegun Obasanjo to  President Goodluck Jonathan in December last year”.
Exactly my point, they act by the orders of the President alone and not because they understand their duties. This is a clear evidence that SSS are used as tools of government to intimidate, just the way Nasir el Rufai is being hunted or even arrested, and no one considers that Asari Dokubo has made grave damaging statements even worse than Rufai . but the President dictates the tunes and pays the piper
“Even the SSS are rendered useless in this administration. The world looks at Nigeria and they are all laughing themselves silly. Nigerian leadership is corrupt, bereft of ideas, lack vision and courage to shun the allure of office and the pray singers around them and focus on doing what is right.
How much progress can each Nigerian truly say that Nigeria has made and is making. Jonathan may sit in aso rock and surround itself with sycophants, some of who are recycled brigades from the days of IBB, the truth is that nothing last forever and power is only temporal. If truly that OBJ's letter is full of lies, then arrest him and try him!
Today many Nigerians will see reason why we have to belief Obasanjo's letter, EFCC, SSS, Police are all handicap. I knew it before today that Jonathan will not allow any investigation into all Obasanjo's points. Jonah, the bane of under-development is the massive looting going on while the EFCC is blind-folded and starved of fund. I wish Mr. President well, but the ball is in his court. As long as corruption walk on our Street, it is difficult to convince anyone that it is a carry-over from past administrations.

Corrupt people jailed during past administrations have been pardoned, those accused of corruption are sitting tight and reports of committees set up by Mr. President are gathering dust. Kill corruption and all other ills will die. Nigerians who are victims of bad administration do not need Gen Obasanjo’s letter to realize how far down the hill Nigeria has gone. Mr President, solve Nigeria’s problem the best way you can, but do something serious about widespread corruption in your government. You didn’t carry over this from past administration. You can stop it if there is the will.