Friday, 10 January 2014

Nigerian President to unleash terror suspects without prosecution, another Greek gift against 2015 election

When The 18 page letter of erstwhile President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Jonathan which amongst other allegations accused the incumbent president of training a sniper force to destabilize Nigeria, the allegations were shrouded in mystery, the defensive response of the President was to the contrary of these allegations, Jonathan prides himself as a believer of “due process”  whatever that means,
Recent reports shows that the President is authorizing the release of about 165 “Boko Haram” Terrorist suspects without prosecutions,   The authorities of the Defence Headquarters in Abuja have said that over 175 terror suspects are to regain their freedom.  “Over 165 persons apprehended in the course of military operations on terror in three states in the North-East are to be released from custody in compliance with Presidential directive.

 “The suspects are those earlier recommended for release by the Joint Investigation Team set up by the Defence Headquarters last year.

 “Of the number, 157 are from facilities in Borno, nine from Yobe and one from Adamawa.
 “More suspects in this category are also to benefit in the present exercise. The suspects will be released to their respective state governments.”
The motives of the gesture is still unknown, Nigerians have suffered trauma from the war on these religious sect, with families losing their loved ones and several military men died defending the nation against the Boko Haram sect,

 There seem to bes a hidden agenda behind this release. Will this encourage more Boko individuals to take up arms knowing that they will be pardoned and not prosecuted? Maybe the President can explain to the world his gesture of Kindness as most northern governors seemed to have back down on their support for his administration, expecially at the time when a new election is drawing close  somehow, someday, the truth will be revealed why these people are being released to their state governments . Wondering if it is not an exchange for something;

Why all of a sudden people who are waging terror on our nation are released to their state governments without prosecution. The truth will soon be known. So the lives of the soldiers and civilians lost to the Boko Haram insurgents seemed worthless and the efforts of the military are wasted. How will this boost the morale of the soldiers fighting against Boko haram