Saturday, 4 January 2014

Nigerian President resorts to Priestly solutions instead of work

Jonathan and a Priest

No one can contest the fact that no nation rivals the corruption records created by the government of Nigeria, some observers even claimed that the records has worsened since  Jonathan assumed the reigns  of governance, there are speculations that President  Jonathan even beats  all records recorded by IBB + Abacha + OBJ all combined. Jonathan, the man seemed to have transformed corruption level with his transformation agenda, as there has been barrage of condemnation for his administration

The Kidnappers in his region has been granted amnesty as against sensible hopes of prosecutions of all their crimes, some of whom have transformed to become millionaire riding on his good will and pampering of corruption, The Minister of Petroleum  Allison Deziani has enjoyed several immunity despite accusation of corruption over which the President turned a deaf ear, the recent scandals of the Minister of aviation is also treated with Presidential kids gloves, and many other offences for which he has earned a reputation of support of  corruption by what is referred to as  his “body language”

Yet the President seemed illusioned to accept Prayer from every quarters rather than act, He was caught on camera in religious ecstasy and reverence as a clergyman robed in priestly  attire rained avalanche  of Prayers  as it were to deal with the multitudinous problems ravaging his administration and for which his government is in bad taste to many Nigerians

Let us hope prayer will work rather than works