Thursday, 9 January 2014

Nigerian hold Lectures to mark Protest


Instead of a mass protest to liberate Nigerians from the abyss of misgovernace, a coded group called   "J9C", has emerged with the aim of bringing people together to mark the 2nd anniversary of the fuel subsidy protest of 2012 uprising tagged “Occupy Nigeria” this group says it is discussing alternative ways to move Nigerian nation forward after it became clear that the government is incapable of making the lot of citizens better.

Activist had in 2011 dared the Good luck Jonathan administration for his widespread corruption increase of Fuel subsidy, took to the streets of Lagos and its environs, to force the Government to change the Price of fuel wickedly imposed on suffering masses in the wake of the New year, even the Publisher of popular media Sahara Reporter an  Omoyele Sowore an avid crusader against corruption   disgraced a  bunch of thieving who while the Nation was practically shut down, embarked on a campaign in the United State fooling the world and roaming around with tax payers money. The Goodluck Jonathan with tanks and barrels and in a military style botched the wishes of the masses, sending gun wielding men to the streets who in turn killed several helpless peaceful protesters    The Youths in Nigeria are again in the mood of the botched protest canvassing alternative ways of change   amidst a cynosure of profligates band of men overtaken by fraud and unwilling to better the state of the masses