Friday, 24 January 2014

Nigeria House of Fraud, Where Footballers deceive the world with doctored age

By Olajide Fashikun

Nigeria has cheated again! We can reveal with authority that the nation’s winning U-17 national team is composed of some overaged players who were officially and deliberately helped to reduce their ages to enable the nation to win at all costs so as to shore up the records of the goons in the administration of football in the country. The latest revelation amongst those we have investigated is thee numero uno in the goal post, Dele Alampasu. For free, as at when the U-17 championship was being played in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), the goalkeeper was already 20 years of age.The Sun newpaper of 19th January 2014 on its page 16 has a story titled: “Golden Eaglets goalkeeper, Dele Alampasu’s father, bids farewell to poverty; Me, Okada rider? Never again! He says.” The report authored by the authoritative Omololu Kassim written is suave silky skilful prose makes sweet reading.

Tomi, Alampasu’s father according to the report, “is fondly called Baba Dele in Itoki district, Ogun state, had lived a wretched life ever since he arrived there in 1993, the same year that Dele Alampasu was born. The jubilant father told this reporter that Dele was christened ‘Dokunanyan’ a name in Egun dialect which means tomorrow will be better for me.’

With this revelation, the truth has finally sneaked out of the bag. Our investigations revealed that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) officials were the ones who helped the player to doctor their ages.

Alampasu is not the only player whose age was doctored. We have concluded assertive investigations on five members of that team whose ages were all reduced to make them eligible to play in the championship. These we shall reveal to our reading public. Evidences including official government documents are available to substantiate our findings.

In this instance, Dele Alampasu who is well known in the Itoki area where he grew in the hands of neighbours who know him could not have mixed the facts about him. Or would Alampasu’s father not have remembered or know when his son was born.

The story which was done in its reality of strings of events in a natural environment carried the truth which the father gave innocently without being schooled about his son’s new age. This confirmed the cheating. The fact that several players in that team have doctored their ages makes it a deliberate official policy.

Naturally, Dele Alampasu is 21 years of age but by his FIFA records he is 17!

If it is true that the small breeze from the butterfly wings develops and grow to become a tornado then after these exposures, we shall proceed to FIFA with a formal demand for inquisition and possible withdrawal of the fraudulent trophy that the Nigeria Football Federation used these adults to win as kids and let the real kids earn their trophy.
By Omololu Kassim
An elated Tomi, father of Nigeria’s victorious Golden Eaglets’ goal keeper, Dele Alampasu, has cheerfully declared farewell to poverty. Speaking during an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun, he stated that he had bid goodbye to Okada, a local parlance for commercial motorcycling which had become an everyday source of income for a good number of impoverished Nigerians. The jubilant father revealed that ever since his son, Dele Alampasu hit goldmine in football, life has never remained the same for him.

“I thank God,” said Tomi Alampasu. “I thank God for rescuing me from poverty. I thank God for freeing me from the bondage of Okada! I thank God for liberating me from the shackles of penury. Praise God. Halleluya! I never thought that I would ever part ways with destitution. Thank God, poverty is now a thing of the past. ”

Tomi, who is fondly called Baba Dele in Itoki district, Ogun State, had lived a wretched life ever since he arrived there in 1993, the same year that Dele Alampasu was born. The jubilant father told this reporter that Dele was christened ‘Dokunanyan,’ a name in Egun dialect which means ‘tomorrow will be better for me.’

“Dele has fulfilled the prophecy in his name,” said an ecstatic Tomi. “Dele’s glorious fortune in football is a turnaround in my life. My life has changed for ever! Halleluyah!!” he said, again, exuding an air of jubilation with his two hands raised up just as he did a dance of joy.

Tomi, whose specialty in commercial motorcycle business in Itoki district was luggage haulage, said his customers would miss him for good since fortune has finally smiled at him following his son’s breakthrough. “Every body knew me for luggage haulage,” he said. “I have finally abandoned Okada. I will never do Okada job again! My son has rescued me from doing Okada work. Okada is in the past. I am now living a new life. I will be going to live in Abuja. He has just told me that he would be taking me over to Abuja to live a dream life. This is the grace of God.”

Tomi had been living in a wretched room with patches on the wall. There were pot-holes here and there on the floor of the room because the poor man could not afford to cement the floor. He managed to turn the apartment into what looked like living and sitting rooms, but hardly deserved the names. Tomi’s living apartment had all the paraphernalia of poverty: wooden windows, muddy floors, buckets and plates scattered in disorganized manner, torn and tattered window blinds and junks of all manners heaped in corners of the room. Tomi Alampasu’s habitation was a picture of a hut in a hamlet aptly described by Thomas Hardy in Far From The Maddening Crowd where he said the rural folks are living : “Far from the maddening crowd’s ignoble strife, their sober wishes never learn to strive, along the cool sequester ‘d vale of life, they led the noise tenor of their ways.”

However, the story has changed today. When Dele Alampasu returned to the quiet countryside of Itoki after the Golden Eaglets’ victory in the United Arab Emirates, the serene environment bubbled with life. News quickly spread across that “Dele has landed!” Curious villagers, idle women and artisans abandoned their drudgery to catch a glimpse of the super star and pick whatever crumbs would fall off wealthy pocket. Dele held his father in a warm embrace. A tall, lanky, gangling young man with a face-cap, jeans pair of trousers and soccer boot. He had alighted from a Toyota Camry latest edition car which he rode in together with his manager, Adebayo Adeniyi and Emeka, another footballer.

It was a heroic home-coming. A huge crowd had gathered outside, just to catch a glimpse of the victorious goalkeeper. Carpenters, bricklayers and other artisans working on the extension of Tomi’s modest residence joined in the celebration. Dele, who was loaded with Naira notes in the N500 denomination, began to spray money on the impoverished villagers. He became instant celebrity.

Following the heroic visit, some elders of Itoki toyed with the idea of naming the main road that cuts through Itoki, Ogun state into Lagos state after the celebrated goalkeeper.