Wednesday, 22 January 2014

“Mohammad building a Church for Jesus”, a misguided misuse of state fund by Aregbesola

Rauf Aregbesola 
Desperate to amend his ways, the Governor of Osun Sate Rauf Aregbesola who meddled in the matter of religion because of his innate fanaticism has again goofed in building a church to palliate the offended sect, an action which he considers better than creating facilities and providing good governance for the Osun people.  Aregbesola by all his action  is a religious fanatic. He is building this Church to masquerade his policy of islamization of Osun state. First in 2011, he proposed for the establishment of sharia legal system in SW. Then he made islamic New Year a holiday in Osun, then he mixed up Christian Baptist Boys High School in Iwo with hijab-wearing islamic girls, he then distributed hijabs in Osun primary schools, and going on, he changed the Osun slogan of state of the Living Spring to islamic state of the virtuous, he also took the Sukuk loan from islamic bank for the purposes of islamizing Osun, and, to crown it all, he established the TA'AWN, a variation of hisbah police to enforce islamic policies in Osun.

Again the Governor of Osun State, appears impervious to moderation in matters of religion. His latest misadventure is to purchase a piece of land to build a church as part of his queer concept of “development.” But building a church, by whatever name, should not be the responsibility of a government in a secular or multi-religious society. It is another disturbing example of poor public finance management. This obvious insult to the people’s intelligence should be rejected outright. The church project is a bribe, a baleful political gimmick, lacking in all subtlety, to the Christian community,
A perceptive mind can deduce that  Aregbesola is just being misguided by his intention to please the Osun state CAN or the aggrieved Christians  so that high tension of the aggrieved few Christians in the state, in respect of his educational policy which didn't go down well with a such  group, will be drastically quenched. Aregbesola renowned for his fanatical inclinations was said to have  paid N51 million compensation to farmers on a large expanse of land where the state is building an interdenominational worship arena known as “Open Heaven Worship Centre.” The obtuse thinking behind this oddity is gleaned from one of Aregbesola’s aides, Lani Baderinwa, who said, “The governor…saw the kind of crowd the Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God attracts to the area and decided to build an interdenominational centre here. This will boost the standard of living of the area and the economy of the state. For example, worshippers who would come to the place would eat, buy souvenirs and some would even lodge in hotel.”

These are the unfortunate misguided representative of Nigerian(Osun) people who imposed themselves on matters of governance without proper erudition on the rule