Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Misspelling Of Names of Ministerial Nominees Again Unveils Shoddy Quality of Presidential Work

If the copy at the disposal of SaharaReporters is truly original, the misspellings in the names of some of the ministerial nominees President Goodluck Jonathan transmitted to the Nigerian Senate on Monday again exposes the quality of the work of the presidency.
On Monday before he travelled out of the country, President Jonathan forwarded the nominees’ names to the Senate for confirmation.
Among the best-known names was military general and repeated top government official Aliyu Mohamed Gusau.  Nonetheless, his name was written as ‘Aliu’.
Similarly, the name of Mrs. Laurentia Laraba Mallam was sent by the executive to the legislature as ‘Lawrencia Labaran.’

Cross-checking this information, SaharaReporters was authoritatively told by a security official from Kaduna State who is serving in Abuja that the correct spelling of his aunty’s name was wrongly spelled in the copy said to have emanated from the Presidency.
“That is not the correct spelling of my aunty’s name, it was a serious misspelling and not good,” he said.  “She has no Labaran in the arraignment of her names but Laraba. It is important personality’s choice and appropriate names are written for official purposes and ought to be correct.”

It was also gathered that many newspapers effected the correction, while others did not and others carried an admixture of correct and incorrect names.
Attempts to obtain clarification from Jonathan’s Principal Private Secretary, Hassan Tukur, were unsuccessful.
“These things might look minor but they are not,” a political analyst told SaharaReporters.  “If these people cannot get right the names of well-known Nigerians they are nominating for top government offices at the highest level, what else are they getting wrong?  If they are getting wrong something they care about, what can they get right about issues and people they don’t care about?  Better still, what do they care about?  How has mediocrity travelled so far?”