Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lasu rages again, School disrupted by fee crisis

"Hundreds of Lagos State University (LASU) students protesting a dispute over schools fees halted second semester examinations today.  
The dispute involves schools fees the students were being asked to pay in the amount Naira 250,000 - 350,000.  When a handful of students couldn't find the fees as early as the schools demanded, students said the Vice Chancellor, Mr. John Obafunwa, was unsympathetic and closed the University portal against late registration for the examination.  
The students appealed the decision through the Student Union but the Vice Chancellor said the late registrants would not participate in examinations.
A student leader told Sahareporters the banks were still receiving payments from the students even after the registration portal had been closed, and they thought the management would re-open the portal for them to do their registration.

"The Vice Chancellor is now telling us that we will have to carry the courses till next session by deferring them. That means those in final year will have extra year. Nobody will respond well to that of course."
Students began mobilizing Wednesday night. Anticipating the disruption the School drafted policemen to prevent students from rioting.  

A source told SaharaReporters policeman fired shots in to the air to disperse the students who arrived at this School this morning.  
Gathering numbers the students chased the policemen out of the zone.  
"Maybe now is the time we will force them to bring down the unreasonable fee," said some of the students during the protest.
The Vice Chancellor was said to have left the school by foot after students mobbed his car and broke its gadgets.
As we file this report, students are carrying placards and have taken over the school."