Monday, 27 January 2014

Governor Suntai Admits He Is Not Fit To Return To Office

Governor of Taraba state, Danbaba Suntai was brought before some reporters to speak about his mental and physical health status, “Every sane mind watching this video should be humbled by the fact of the fragility and mortality of humans, as evidenced by the favored
Governor Suntai. From his speech it is deducible that this man has been taking stock of his life, and will rather have more tranquil time with God. Could the political usurpers around him love him enough to allow him more time to recuperate in peace?

 His healthy life as Suntai should be more important to all than the benefits of being a sick governor” Suntai confirmed to reporters that although he needs support to return to office he was not fit to return to work as governor, a position that Saharareporters had consistently maintained in several  reports through their website  platform in New York. Mr. Suntai was terribly
injured in a  plane crash near Yola airport in Adamawa state when a small Cessna plane he was  piloting crashed as he approached landing.  Mr. Suntai who was speaking in low and measured tone claimed he had been "drinking" before the crash.