Saturday, 25 January 2014

Goldie Hawn deceived by Nigerian President, withdraws supports and praise

Jonathan & Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn American actress film director, producer, and occasional singer who has a lot of sympathy for the gays has publicly rescinded her public praise for Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan who stood in the position of judgment in a secular country to  hand out his public punishment for the gay sect,
The actress was under fire after ignorantly declaring misguided Jonathan as a wonderful president without knowing him just the way most foreign commentators are quick to say.
She immediately withdrew her support for Jonathan when she realised that he is a draconian despot who have no regards for the rights of some sect.

President Goodluck recently distracted Nigerians amidst the barrage of political upheaval bedevilling a Nation to sign a gay Bill as it were to turn their minds off the corruptions and several allegations in his administration and the citizen seemed gullible accepting to believe that a gay bill is of more importance than good governance which Nigerians have never enjoyed
Every move of Jonathan to get public foreign commendation is a desperation for 2015 and he care less to make Nigeria better than he met it.