Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Fire in Minneapolis apartment building

Fire in Minneapolis
Explosion from fire at an apartment building in Minneapolis has left many hospitalized and several dead on Wednesday 1ST January 2014, A rescue mission by the Minneapolis Fire service has confirmed the incident to CNN

 According to the John Frutel Chief of the Minneapolis fire service   “There may still be people inside the building”. Several people sustained injuries from burns and are traumatized as they escape through the windows to avoid being burned in the inferno

 Reports says, the three-story building has been destroyed, with the roof and the second and third floors collapsing, heavy flames were seen coming out of the second- and third-story windows.

 Hours after the incident, firefighters were seen working to contain the blaze. They tried to enter the building but were able to get in only a little way near it

 The Chilly weather in the city presents challenges and dangers for firefighters, since water used to try to put out the flames can quickly turn to ice,

 A mosque is located near the building. It was not immediately known whether it suffered damage.

The cause of the fires is yet unascertained