Thursday, 9 January 2014

A hypocritical gesture of kindness with tax payers’ money

Oshiomole and a Plantain Hawker
The Governors of Nigeria are indeed comedian, or what else we can call it, when a system forces the citizen to shameful acts for survival and a governor publicly and pretentiously renders seeming acts of kindness with the collective tax payers money,

The massive poverty in Nigeria has reached a pitiable state and the “forgers” of certificates and impostors who loved titles than working to build a nation would rather throw money on the masses than repair a hospital, or roads or even attend to infrastructures

Edo state governor Adams Oshiomhole was reported to have given N1million to a plantain seller for saying hello to him during an inspection of the New Benin market on Tuesday January 7th. The same governor made similar gestures after insulting a helpless widow taunting her with “Go and die you are a widow” and later pretending with a gesture of kindness in cash

These cash is indeed above his monthly income, these cash is indeed the tax payers money for which most of the Governors are never accountable to the masses

Unfortunately, Nigerians are not angry enough to change the system