Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"I will Fight Curruption in 2014" Jonathan, Another inaugural joke from Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan

The Nigerian president renown for corruption from most online comments coming mainly from citizens of Nigeria both within Nigeria and outside has again boasted about a fight against corruption in 2014, The President in his New Year message to the nation made available by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, Said the Federal Government would fight corruption more in 2014. He said, “Our administration believes that the cost of governance in the country is still too high and must be further reduced. We will also take additional steps to stem the tide of corruption and leakages.

“We have worked hard to curb fraud in the administration of the pension system and the implementation of the petroleum subsidy scheme. We have introduced a Pensions Transition Arrangement Department under a new Director-General. This department will now ensure that those of our pensioners still under the old scheme receive their pensions and gratuities, and are not subjected to fraud.

“Prosecution of all those involved in robbing our retired people will continue. The Petroleum Subsidy Scheme is also now being operated under new strict guidelines to tackle previous leakages in the scheme and prevent fraud.

 “Foreign travel by government personnel will be further curtailed. This directive shall apply to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government. Our strategy to curb leakages will increasingly rely on introducing the right technologies such as biometrics and digitising government payments.”

Reactions from most observers of his administration considered his New Year message as a mere joke not to be taken seriously  An online comments by “Kay Soyemi” was quoted to say  “At least Mr. President has a sense of humour for giving us a New Year joke! "More" is not just the wrong adjective, it is a big joke since there was never a war on corruption.”  Another response from a concerned citizen said “The president of nigeria, mr. jonathan is a dreamer and a deceiver. With him and his team of heartless men and women in Abuja, jonathan is beginning the year 2014 with outright deceit.

Promising to fight corruption without releasing the report submitted to him re Oduah, his precious lady in the Aviation Ministry is a way of telling nigerians that more corruptions are on the way.

When other world leaders are counting their blessing, jonathan is also pretending to have done something good for his nation. He mentioned health and education as some of his achievements. If this man is not a shameless thing, why should he include these two things in his speech?

Looking at the budget, almost two-third of budgeted for the year 2014 is to care for him and his animal friends in Aso Rock. Nigerians should continue to use adulterated kerosene to burn down their houses and our children should wait while his children are schooling in abroad. Health care is for the rich, poor man have no reason to survive and our pregnant mothers, wives and sisters should look for ways to bring their unborn babies into the world - Jonathan don`t give a damn whether they survive or die.

Jonathan is telling Nigerians to be happy with empty stomach while he and his animals in aso rock has enough to eat and throw away. Our humble men and women should join him in celebrating 100 years as a nation without nothing to show for it while abati is busy preparing the next deceiving speech for easter.

Mr. jonathan we nigerians are united not because you say we should but because we love ourselves and our nation - it is you and your evil men that are trying to tear us apart.

One thing is clear, all those who say our nation will not see happiness they will not live in peace. The prayers of the evil men who parade themselves as men of God will not help issue. They will all collapse like a pack of cards.

God bless Nigerians who struggle day and night to make ends meet.”

These and many other responses show that Nigerians have reached a state of disbelief where every statement by the political class is just a mere utterance without accompanying action

A sorry state for the largest population of Africa