Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A letter of appeal for the release of a facebook critic in Nigeria By Tessy

Seriaki Dickson

Short letter to President Goodluck Jonathan.
Dear Sir,
Re:Before the old year ends and the New year begins

I want to wish you a happy new year.. I also want to thank you President GEJ for bringing facebook to Nigeria..lolss(According to a minister) ‪#‎joke‬. above all, I wish to thank you for not banning twitter and for never arresting anyone because of the abuses rained on you daily..I have a humble request sir, may you please appeal to your brother Gov Dickson to effect ...
the release of Tonye (forgot his last name) a social media activist from Bayelsa state who has been in detention for over two months over a Facebook post criticizing the Governor. And Pls never give in to pressure Sir about arresting people for criticizing you. It comes with the job..I will never insult you but criticize I must.. Its not a paid job just a civic duty...I know the missiles(hard knocks) that will be thrown at me over this letter but I welcome them all in the spirit of tolerance and forced unity

Respectfully yours Tess!